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Shipping Policy

Our policy of shipping is very satisfactory to the customers. We always do what we say. We never compromise or delay our shipping which makes us different from others. Our products are dispatched on the next day of ordering. Also, in the case of an emergency, we deliver the product just after the order.

We never charge extra from our customers even if we have to deliver the product overnight. Because our customers trust us, we try to take all possible measures to make them comfortable. 

All orders placed on our website are processed through our Florida headquarters and sent through reputable courier partners, including FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS. Additionally, we provide FedEx overnight delivery services, under which we guarantee that your shipment arrives at your house the following day. 

Orders placed on the same day will be delivered overnight, but arrival timing will not be fixed. It is crucial to remember that the anticipated arrival time considers the shipping addresses, the contents of the item, and even the holidays.


We provide smart and secured packaging systems so that the product remains in its initial stage and we can provide safe and fresh products. We also ensure complete returns and refunds if customers receive damaged products. Also, our packaging is good, but in any accidental case, if you receive any open product, immediately inform our page so that we can admire and fix the problems.