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Privacy Policy

By using this website, you consent to our data usage to better serve you by giving you pertinent information. Any personal information belonging to you or anyone who can be used to identify you may occasionally be requested from you. The submitted information may also be used to get in touch with you in any way.

Regarding Log Data, we keep records of the data given by every browser that users use to access our website. Internet Protocol address, browser type, version, date, time of visit, sites visited, etc., are only a few examples of the saved data.

Additionally, we might use Google Analytics, which gathers, watches, and records data about you and our services.

Your personal information might be used for marketing and promotional purposes, such as sending you newsletters.

In order to gather information, we may also employ cookies, which are small text files sent to your browser and saved on your computer’s hard drive. Although the decision to accept or reject the use of cookies is entirely up to you, it is suggested that you accept their use in order to access certain parts of our website.

Although every attempt has been made to keep the website optimized so that it can safely feed your Personal information, there is no guarantee that any information supplied on the website is 100% secure. Anyone who visits our website is not subject to a promise of complete security.

Copyright infringement

The platform is meant to collect essential information from visitors. But we will refrain from using users’ information illegally. Copyright infringement is wholly prohibited.

This is an internal pharmacy that sells almost all types of prescribed drugs. And from our side also we offer some information regarding the drugs. What are the uses, or how to use any particular medicines, etc.? Also, the information available on our websites are mostly internet research or taken from different resources.

Sometimes, the information we provide may react differently from your product knowledge. So in that condition, you can ask us about it or mail it to our site.